My faith means a great deal to me and impacts every aspect of my life. As such, my work tends to reflect that. I am a Christian, and fully believe we are all sinners, fallen short from what God has and would intend for us. However, I believe that God so loved the world (and each and every one of us, even in our fallen states) that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to shed his blood to cover those transgressions. In doing so, God made away for us to be “saved” from our sins (wrongdoings), if only we would believe in Him (and that sacrifice), confessing it with both our hearts and our mouths.

Now, just because I believe in Christ doesn’t mean I’m now somehow infallible, or more righteous than you or anyone else. On the contrary, my life is still filled with trials and turmoil, and I do, on occasion, stumble. The only “gain” I receive for being upfront about my faith (especially with people who don’t share my beliefs) is an incredibly increased amount of scrutiny into every aspect of how I live my life from that point on. However, the same grace (and love) God showed by sending his Son to die in our place will also cover me (if I recognize my error, ask for forgiveness and turn from my ways).

I know from experience how cruel and unloving the world and people in it can seem, but if there is only one thing I could ever get you believe, it would be that there is someone who does love you no matter your faults, or what you’ve done. Unconditionally.
That someone is Jesus and you only need to call out to Him.
I hope you might.

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