1984: Recognized and presented with USAA’s National Journalism Art Award.

1986: Conceptual artwork is picked as the winner of musician Steve Taylor’s On The Fritz Designer Jacket Contest (Record Company Promotion)

1986: Completes his High School education a year and a half early.

1987: Produces a portrait for singer/songwriter Amy Grant.

1988: Develops the initial idea for, and serves as a creative consultant on Amy Grant’s A Moment In Time Tour Film.

1988-1989: Attends Monterey Peninsula College, studies include: Marketing, Mass Media, Art, Advertising and Film Studies.

1989: Serves as a creative consultant for The Arsenio Hall Show, specifically conceiving and developing the idea for The Dawg Pound segments.

1990: Develops and helps to create the CCM –TV music video television series.

1990: Develops, in collaboration with John Huie of ICM, the premise for The Gospel According to VH-1, an inspirational music special hosted by BeBe and CeCe Winans.

1990: Develops GLITZ, an entertainment newspaper publication.

1991: Commissioned by Mariah Carey’s management company to produce a portrait of the singer.

1991: Produces a portrait of actress Natasha Gregson Wagner.

1992: Moves to Los Angeles to attend Cal Arts. Leaves the school soon thereafter.

1992: Completes his first major movie campaign, designing the one-sheet poster for the feature film Leap Of Faith, starring Steve Martin.

1992: Serves as a production assistant on the dramatic television series Homefront.

1992: Creates and provides artwork for the dramatic prime time television series Melrose Place

1993: Japanese video game manufacturer SOFIX approaches Rick toward potentially developing a game for the company. Rick accepts and, in collaboration with Roy and Van Partible (Johnny Bravo), creates Rage of Angels, writing and illustrating the 30-page storyline for the game.

1993: Serves as a production assistant on the feature film Fearless.

1993: Serves as a conceptual illustrator for television comedy series Danger Theatre

1993: Serves as a creative consultant for SuperFest Music Festival in Big Bear, CA.

1993-1994: Serves as a management consultant for alternative group The Choir, including producing support artwork for the band

1994: Creates the children’s story Yello, for his nephew Jonathan.

1994: Creates support artwork for the Academy of Country Music Awards, produced by Dick Clark Productions.

1994-1995: Serves as an illustrator of children’s educational books for the Evan Moor Corporation, contributing to over 24 published titles during his tenure.

1995: Proves to be a seminal year for Rick. He creates, writes, and illustrates, the acclaimed supernatural black and white comic series Beyond The Veil; which raises the level of his burgeoning fame even higher through a myriad of media attention and appearances.

1995: MTV approaches Rick toward developing an animated series for the network based on some of his artwork. Inspired, Rick goes on to write BURN: a love story, creating the beginnings of the gothic fairy tale saga, and partners with famed film producer Howard Kazanjian (Raiders of the Lost Ark) in the effort.

1995: Serves as Assistant Art Director and Lead Set Decorator on Lil’ CHP, a children’s television pilot produced by Larry Wilcox (ChiPs).

1996: Receives an invitation to the White House.

1995-1996: Helps to develop and serves as a creative consultant for the Spirit West Coast music festival in Monterey, CA., including producing festival logo.

1997: Receives a Vice-Presidential White House invitation to join an industry panel discussion on Television Ratings.

1997: Begins his association with the Walt Disney Company and is involved with developing key art for video packaging of the company’s The Black Cauldron, and Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

1998: IMAX Film Corporation approaches Rick about turning his series project BURN: a love story into an IMAX feature film. Rick accepts the offer and writes a prequel to the series, entitled BURN: shadows and light.

1998: Involved with developing key art for video packaging of Disney’s Madeline: Lost In Paris, The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad, and Mulan

1998: Film project BURN: shadows and light, inspires a grassroots Internet campaign when IMAX first greenlights the film, then kills it a week later unexpectedly. Rick is amazed to see numerous websites devoted to the project pop up online, some registering thousands of hits in a number of days. IMAX is soon deluged with letters, emails and faxes from around the country, inspiring one executive to remark that it is the biggest outpouring of response over any project in the company’s history.

1999: Starts work developing another feature film project based on the legend of St. George and the Dragon.

1999: Involved with developing key art for video packaging of Disney’s Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, The Great Mouse Detective, and One Hundred and One Dalmatians

1999: Begins his association with the youth at Heart of the Canyons church in Canyon Country, CA and commences creating t-shirts designs for the group.

2000: Develops, in collaboration with Gary Shipman (Pakkins’ Land), The Epic Adventures of Mule Ducks. Earlier in the year, a creative group based out of San Antonio, Texas, approaches Rick toward developing an animated series based on characters and foundational material the group has already established. Rick takes the challenge and teams up with Gary to write, illustrate and produce the pilot for the anticipated children’s action-adventure series.

2002: Involved with developing key art for video packaging of Disney’s Tarzan & Jane

2003: Develops and launches www.RickLaw.net, an online gallery of his work.

2002-2003: Develops and produces the permanent 9/11 memorial installation for the American History Museum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills

The official website of Rick Law, acclaimed entertainment illustrator & producer; featuring an online gallery of his art and projects, including: Rage of Angels, BURN, Beyond the Veil, The Epic Adventures Of MuleDucks, and St. George and the Dragon. RickLaw.net, RickLaw Cartoons Comic Style Beyond The Veil It's A Wonderful Life Pat Boone Tour Rage of Angels Conceptual Bertone X 1/9 Nanaco Sato Pat Boone Tour Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas 101 Dalmatians Tarzan & Jane Rescuers Down Under Ichabod & Toad Madeline Film & TV Country Music Awards Leap Of Faith Melrose Place Logos Logos HYPER IMAGE Entertainment Music & Band Logos Music & Band Logos Music & Band Logos Pure Publicity Round Hill Farms Spirit West Coast The Light House Transit MISCELLANEOUS FINAL FINAL: EVAN-MOOR EDUCATIONAL BOOKS FINAL: Monterey Jazz Festival Portraits Amy Grant Mariah Carey Natasha Gregson Wagner Pat Boone Religious T-Shirts Lighthouse Shirts Michael W. Smith Youth Series 9-11 Memorial Beyond the veil BURN HISTORY CHARACTERS SYNOPSIS THE EPIC ADVENTURE OF MULEDUCKS Rage of Angels Rage Of Angels Rage Of Angels HEART OF VIRTUE, BREATH OF FIRE:THE LEGEND OF ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON Yello Gallery Bio Faith Timeline Quotes Clients FAQ Info News Journal