Epiphany: A beautiful, angelic looking young woman, who deservedly fits that description as she is indeed, a female angel, and a main character of the BURN stories. Standing about 56, her frame is a slender one. Her hair is a long golden blonde, cascading around her face in ringlets, the strands often falling across her face. She has large, almond shaped eyes, and a penchant for biting her bottom lip. Although she looks to be in her mid 20s, she may in fact be much older. Her background is still much of a mystery at this point, although she is thought to be of the angelic race called the Eldila.

Forge: A mechanical man, that stands about 6 foot tall. His outer shell ranges from a dark copper bronze color to, at times, an almost golden hue, depending on the outside elements. His faceplate has some kind of engraved design upon it that may give further clues to his origin. He is a major character in the BURN: a love story series.

Christian: A typical 6 year old boy, for all respects and purposes. He is average height for his age, and has short sandy brown hair. His favorite plaything is an imagined makeshift sword, constructed from a tarnished piece of metal that resembles the hilt of a real sword, and a stick. He has the habit of wiping his eyes or face with the back of his hand. He is a fearful young lad, whose parents were tragically killed. An orphan now, Christian learns, with the help and intervention of Epiphany, to overcome his fears and becomes a true hero in the process. Christian is a major character in the BURN: shadows and light story

Darkness Grimm: Looking like the archetype Devil, with 2 yellowish horns and a goatee style beard, Grimm is truly a creature of evil. An imposing 7 feet tall, his skin is a brackish purple/gray hue, with jet black, shoulder length hair. His eyes flash a sinister yellow, and he has 2 large, imposing bat-like wings. His full origin is not fully known and, at this point, is the stuff of legend and myth. It is believed that he is, or once was, of a race called the Eldil, which at one time suffered a mighty conflict and there was a division among them. At the very least, he is several hundred, if not thousands, of years old. His overwhelming desire seems to be one of self-serving greed, and thus all of his schemes seem to stem from that.
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