BURN: a love story
The series starts with us coming to understand that, because he is unable to do it himself, the villainous Darkness Grimm has created a mechanical man to destroy Epiphany, the female angel, so that he may ultimately rule. When the mechanical man confronts Epiphany intent on carrying out his mission, something seems to happen to him internally. Seeing her beauty and innocence, the mechanical man finds himself unable to carry out his purpose. He turns away, fleeing in the shame of what he is, and what he was to accomplish. He surmises that he must exile himself to parts unknown and somehow prove his worth if he can ever return. Upon seeing the mechanical man however, the Angel is smitten with him, sensing the gentle soul within. She sets out after him, determined to find his tortured heart.

The series continues from then on following the continuing, intertwining quests of the three characters:
Darkness Grimm’s quest to destroy Epiphany and to repossess the mechanical man
The mechanical man’s quest to find and prove his own worth, and the angel
Epiphany’s quest to find the mechanical man, and ultimately, Love.

BURN: shadows and light
A mythic styled fable, based upon the theme of “a little child shall lead them”, this story is set as a prequel to the events in BURN: a love story. The story introduces a new character to the saga, a young 6 year-old boy named Christian, whom most of the story focuses around. The story contains both of the previously established characters of Darkness Grimm and the angelic female heroine, Epiphany, examining more closely the origins of the conflict and separation between the two.
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